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Our Story

You can buy a garbage can and get a manual, but when you buy a house, you're on your own. Not anymore with Fidele Solutions.

At Fidele Solutions, we understand that buying a home is an investment in your future, far beyond just four walls and a roof. However, without the proper care and attention, this investment can quickly become a liability.


We go beyond the ordinary in property management and venture into the extraordinary. Imagine not only receiving the keys to your new house but also getting a comprehensive manual tailored specifically to your property. That's the level of care and attention we provide to each client at Fidele Solutions.


Our story began with a group of close friends discussing the primitive ways of property management, the lack of information, and terrible vendor experiences around a fire. This moment of clarity led to a question: "Why do we receive manuals for simple purchases, but not for something as vital as real estate?" This question ignited the birth of Fidele Solutions.


We are not your typical property management company. Our passionate local team combines the expertise of homeowners, business owners, construction specialists, accounting professionals, and more. With our collective experience and diverse backgrounds, we take a hands-on approach to property management, providing a personalized and tailored service that surpasses all expectations.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Fidele. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box to stay ahead of the curve and prevent issues before they arise. Our data-driven approach empowers us to anticipate potential challenges and optimize your property's value, giving you back the most precious commodity of all - time.


The result is true peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your property without stress. No more middle-of-the-night calls about plumbing disasters or scrambling to find reliable vendors. We handle it all for you, optimizing your investment so you can focus on what matters most.


We're rewriting the property management rulebook at Fidele Solutions. Our proactive approach and unparalleled service give you back your valuable time and ensure your property receives the care it deserves. Let us show you how smart property management can help your real estate investment reach its full potential.


Your property deserves nothing less than Fidele Solutions, because what's more important than securing your investment and reclaiming your time?

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